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Robert Neff & Sons Inc. is a 92-year-old, family-owned and operated trucking company with a loyal workforce committed to exceeding expectations.

Robert M. Neff Sr. began his business on February 1st, 1931, as a one-man one truck operation in Chandlersville, OH. His first business was picking up milk and delivering it to several Zanesville dairies. His two sons Lee and Robert Jr. (Robert G. Neff), began driving before both went into the service for World War Ⅱ. An expansion began after the war with dump trucks. In 1985 the company expanded to offering a full-service Repair Shop, Machine Shop, and Parts Store named Neff Machinery & Supply, Inc.

Robert G. Neff took over the business when Robert M. Neff passed away in 1986. Robert G. Neff was involved in daily business matters, and you could find him in his office Monday - Saturday. Robert Jr.'s children took over the day-to-day operations when he passed away in 2018. You can meet Robert Jr.'s children and grandchildren at the Neff trucking headquarters at 120 Shawnee Ave. Jack Neff is treasurer, Francie Holdren is the Secretary, Bobby Creeks is the Vice President, and Joe Neff is the President.

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