Huck Lockbolts

We have tooling for 3 different sizes… 14mm 16mm 20mm

A LockBolt is a two-piece fastener that consists of a hardened metal pin and a metal collar that swages into the grooves of the pin, forming a specific, measured clamp force to hold assembled parts together.

The Huck installation tool grips the pintail of a LockBolt and then pulls to close the gaps in the materials being joined. Inside the nose assembly, a hardened-steel, conical-shaped anvil is then forced down the collar to progressively squeeze, or swage, the collar material into the grooves. 

This direct metal-to-metal contact of the collar swaged into the grooves of the pin eliminates the loosening effects of transverse vibration.

  • Often installs in Under 2 Seconds
  • Consistent, High Clamp Force
  • Certified Maintenance-Free Joints
  • High Shear, Tensile, Pin Strength
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Clamp Force or Pre-Load
In the initial stages of the installation process, the tool engages and pulls on the pintail. The joint is pulled together before the conical shaped cavity of the nose assembly is forced down the collar. This progressively locks (swages) it into the grooves of the harder pin. The pin and swaged collar combine to form the installed fastener. The squeezing action reduces the diameter of the collar, increasing its length. This in turn stretches the pin, generating a clamp force over the joint.

Shear strength
Varies according to the material strength and minimal diameter of the fastener. By increasing the diameter or the grade of material, the shear strength of the fastener can be increased.

Tensile strength
The tensile strength of LockBolts is dependent on the shear resistance of the collar material and the number of grooves it fills.

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